How to connect employees?

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Everyone looks for a comfortable place to work, where ‘open door’ policy is practiced between boss and subordinates. There is a saying that employees do not leave a job, they leave their boss.

In my previous company we had an open door culture; actually there was no cubicle or closed room for any supervisor or general employees. From the Executive Vice President to the Officer level, employees would sit next to each other. We could always talk to our bosses for any type of advice or discussion. On my first day at that work place, I found it awkward to see that all levels of employees were sitting next to each other. Due to the open culture, it did not take me much time to dilute myself into the group.

Another important tool to help connect employees is by mentoring them. Crisis happens at every job and specially during that time we need a mentor to guide us. I have seen that when managers take on a personal approach in order to help his/her team member go through a crisis, instead of relying on canned method, a trust level grows between them. At the end, the employee become more loyal towards the mentor and indirectly towards the company.

The best managers are those who hold their employees accountable for their performance, yet give them the flexibility they deserve. I have seen this specially in software companies where they give work flexibility to their employees but they are very much focused into the individuals KPI.

Another practice which is very popular within financial sector in Canada is that it’s a part of supervisors’ KPI to help their subordinates to move up. Definitely it increases the engagement level among the employees. They become more loyal towards their job.

Conflicts always arise in the workplace and at that time employees wants to switch their department. Some companies do not have this practice as they do not want to separate an employee from their boss and hand them to another boss and at the end create a conflict between both the bosses. The trust comes when companies allow departmental change opportunities, as it boosts up employee performance. This help companies to retain their loyal and well performed employees.

Last but not the least is to take the team outside for lunch or dinner and treat them. It helps to grow a healthier relationship and bonding within the team.

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2 comments on “How to connect employees?
  1. Sameha says:

    Very informative n helpful article. Keep it up!


  2. indraneedeb says:

    Very well analysed ☺️


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