Steve Jobs: the guru of presentation

I was thinking one day that how I can improve my presentation skill. When I started my online research, Steve Jobs’ video presentations grabbed my attention. Today I will share what specialties I found in his presentation, which we can adopt in our own professional life.

Firstly, Steve Jobs used only essential words that clearly communicate the message on his each slide. It was easier for the audience to get the attention and even tweet (as twitter has 140 characters limit) the key message. He used simple graph to show the achievement or a big number on the screen and then explain the story behind the number.

Secondly, he used the story-telling technique. While watching his transition from one slide to another I felt like I am hearing a story. While telling the story he raised those questions which would arise in general people’s mind while watching the presentation and after that obviously he presented his explanation – it makes the audience feel connected with his topic.

Next, while introducing the product he differentiates it by comparing with competitors products; the comparison is very plain and simple. He rarely looked at the slides which were running behind him on a big giant screen, though he used to control the slide show by himself. His screen was bigger than him and it indicates that he emphasized more on visual presentation.

Lastly, He never used any jargons and buzzwords; he used plain and simple english to express his key message. He had good control on speech delivery technique which includes volume, pitch, rate and pauses; it added value to his presence. His voice took all the attentions out from his attire which was plain simple jeans, sweater, and a running shoe.

I have started following his steps. Are you?

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12 comments on “Steve Jobs: the guru of presentation
  1. Sameha says:

    A very handy guide for me whenever I would need to do presentation. Thank you fr making it so explanatory for the readers.


  2. Thanks for the little, but very important hacks. Goes a long way in making an impact!


  3. I have sit through couple of presentations of Steve Jobs myself..
    He really had a lucid and engaging style of presentation.The level of abstraction derived from his style , as enumerated in this blog ,is impressive.
    It can help people learn the art of presentation. Thank you, for putting together such nuanced observations.


  4. Sabarnee Deb Chowdhury says:

    Wow! Never knew presentation could be made so easily and effectively…thanks a lot for sharing this.


  5. With these techniques, presentations will become more interactive one.
    Very useful information.


  6. Upasana Ghosh says:

    Hey.. Thanks for sharing such easy and informative way of making presentations. It will definitely help in improving our skills.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Debapriyo Deb says:

    Very intelligent and useful observation on making presentations.


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