How to work productively

In my first job, I remember I wanted to do everything. It was almost like running like a headless chicken.  Now when I look back, I realized that I even did not know that what I wanted to achieve in my career.

With years, I learned a lot of things and one of the things is how to work productively. Firstly, I noticed that reaching office half an hour early helped me to settle down, check all emails and give replies.

Secondly, making a to-do-list for everyday work helped me to set priorities. My supervisor Ishraq Dhaly from BRAC gave me that valuable advice when I joined there. He also advised me to mark those works which I completed and also which I have to finish within a particular timeline. While practicing this habit I felt a relief inside, my confidence went high as I exactly knew what I completed at the end of the day.

Did you notice that in morning time your brain functions well? I noticed that in me; the silence and freshness of morning help me to focus on my work and boost my productivity also.

It is easy to avoid cell phone at work place as most of the work place discourages receiving a personal phone call and using a smart phone for texting (as HR knows we are in social media site!! wink wink). It is hard to control oneself from using social media while working independently.  Trust me, this saves huge time even if its part of our job to check at least twitter to get industry updates. I noticed that productivity goes super up when I do not touch my phone a long period of time.

So the thumb rules are:

I want to finish it with one of my most favorite quotes:

Wake up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction.

That’s all from me now. Have a productive day!



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2 comments on “How to work productively
  1. Debapriyo Deb says:

    Nice overview on time management during office hours. Commendable piece of advice for freshers.


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