Why agency is the best place to work

When I started my PR class, I found most of my peers were most interested to work in a highly paid corporate job as their first job. Later on with time and more discussion I have noticed that my peers were becoming more interested in agency job.  Personally, I strongly believe that agency is one of the best places to land as a newbie in PR industry.

John D. Rockefeller, who is considered the wealthiest American of all time, once said –

If your only goal is to become rich, you will never achieve it.”

On initial stage of career, we should give effort on creating our foundation in any agency, where we can get the opportunity to learn various skills within a very tight schedule. It gives a luxury of networking with corporates, consultants, designers, photographers, various artist and digital market specialist. We get a platform to learn from them as well as to sell ourselves for a better career opportunity.

It teaches three key learning. They are:

  • How to manage clients
  • How to develop strong concepts
  • How to sell ideas

Besides this, The creative fast paced environment give a new shape to individual’s personality. First few days you may feel like you are not part of this world. Slowly you will feel like your colleagues have become your dear ones. Learning with fun one can get only in the agency. Either we are young or old, it is always ready to hear your new ideas – creative thoughts.

Usually, the agency gives a decent amount of salary package with paid holidays and adequate retirement plan but the biggest challenge is to hold the position in the agency. Clients are always the first priority for every agency. If a client gets disappointed, it gives a hard break on individual’s career ride.

Before applying for agency job we should keep in mind that if there is a commitment or urgency to return home by a particular time, an agency is not a right place to work. Most of the agency starts late and finished late. Most of the times they expect us to work even on weekend. Things which I can not learn in classroom or event in corporate houses, we can learn in the agency. It helps to grow individuals as a resourceful and skilled PR practitioner at its best.

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