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apps I prefer

  There are thousands of app which help to make work life easier. Here are few apps, which I like most: 1.Slack: Slack, a messaging free app, brings all our communication together in one place. It’s real-time messaging, archiving and

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How to work productively

In my first job, I remember I wanted to do everything. It was almost like running like a headless chicken.  Now when I look back, I realized that I even did not know that what I wanted to achieve in

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Why agency is the best place to work

When I started my PR class, I found most of my peers were most interested to work in a highly paid corporate job as their first job. Later on with time and more discussion I have noticed that my peers

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Steve Jobs: the guru of presentation

I was thinking one day that how I can improve my presentation skill. When I started my online research, Steve Jobs’ video presentations grabbed my attention. Today I will share what specialties I found in his presentation, which we can

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